Who is Wilma?


Name: I am Wilma Olivia Williamson (but everyone calls me Wilma Wildhair) My initials spell WOW which is a pretty accurate description of me.

Age: I am 8…but I have a birthday coming real soon.

Favorite subject in school: Science and anything that involves explosions definitely keeps my attention.

Hobby: One of my favorite things to do is play kickball. I am the best kicker this side of town!

Favorite Food: I LOVE Ice cream! I think it should be one of the food groups.

Favorite Teacher: I really like Ms. Tulla.

Favorite thing: I love nothing more than my Wild Hair…and winning the school science fair every year. Well, maybe not every year, but I can dream right?

Siblings: My big brother Fred is 10 and a real pain in the neck!

Parents: I don’t know how old my mom is, but pretty old I’m guessing. She is a top contractor in Atlanta.

I don’t know how old my dad is either, but probably even older. He is an IT professional (that’s a fancy pants word for he is really good with computers).

Friends: Carla is my best buddy! She is 8 ½ and older than me by two months. She can also comb a mean head!

Jun is 9 1/2. He is actually Fred’s friend but he likes to hang out with me and Carla for some odd reason.

Frienemies: Stacey Beckman and her back up singers Lizzy and DJ always give me the blues but it is kind of fun having them around.

What do you want to be when you grow up: I am going to be a scientist of course.

What makes you happy: Just being ME!